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Type Of PetitionReview
Type of Injury or ConditionPrevious decision found claimant to have RSD
Date of Decision9/20/2013 12:00:00 AM
Litigated OutcomeWCAB affirmed judge's decision dismissing claimant's Petition to Review
Defense ExpertMarc Adelsheimer, MD
DefendantA-Action Rental
Defense CounselRhonda A. Rudman
RemarksClaimant had been undergoing monthly pain management treatment including ganglion and nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, multiple medications, massage and repeated examinations. Previously, the parties had settled indemnity benefits but had been unable to amicably resolve the issue of medical treatment. Given the costly treatment, we obtained updated IME. Following the same, utilization review was requested. Pain management treatment was found to be not reasonable and necessary. The WCJ affirmed utilization review and dismissed claimant's challenge to same. Likewise, the WCAB affirmed the decision of the judge concluding that defendant had met its burden of proof to establish that treatment was not reasonable and necessary but for pain medications. Regarding Ritalin medication, it was found that such treatment was not causally related to the work injury. The Board declined to accept claimant's agrument that this latter issue was not properly before the judge.
Anticipated Savings$60,000.00 per year for medical treatment.